Day 1: Current Relationship

Day 1.

Okay. I'll start the challenge today. So, the first challenge is to talk about my current relationship. I don't know why the challenge want to know my current relationship, but heh... sharing is caring.

Okay. For your information, I'm single. Maybe I'm not ready for this "in a relationship" thing. Sometimes I think maybe I'm confused, I guess. So, I just be around my family. For now, I'm in a relationship with my my family. No special one. Still looking for it. But, where is she? only He knows.

Single life. Happy with my family, my Luna, and my Jessica. This are what in my life right now. So, I think single is like having fun without anyone watch your back. But, I do have some crush... *sigh* but I keep it a secret.hahaha.I'll wait for the right one.So, yeah... my current relationship is I'm single. =)

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