And Here We Go Again With All The Things That We Have Said

Dream.Everyone have their own dream in their life. Me also got my own dreams. For me dreaming is just like see the clouds and trying to catch all the clouds up there. We know that if there are no some efforts, we will get nothing. So, here I put some efforts. I keep jumping on a trampoline. I know that I will never touch the clouds but at least there are some efforts from me to fulfill my dreams.

That's what the most important thing in life. Effort. We can't get anything if we don't give some efforts to get it. You will never become a rich guy if you still hanging out at mamak stall and keep smoking. You can start slowly but then you will feel it is very easy and everything gonna be easily for you to achieve your dreams.

And here, I want to say that I got a bad habit. I love to daydreaming. I will sitting anywhere and watching people doing their things and then I start daydreaming. Dreaming that it was me who hold her hand, it was me who take her to lunch, it was me who make her smile, it was me that make her happy always. Well, sometimes when I daydreaming it makes me happy without no reason because it always you that come cross my mind and please know that I can't forget those eyes. =)

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