Can I Borrow Some Money From You So I Can Buy A Map For My Mind

Lost? Yes. That is what I'm facing right now. I'm lost in my own mind. In my own life. In my self. I'm a lost person in my life. Heh, I admit, I'm still a stupid young boy. Don't know anything. Don't know what is the right way to facing this world. This dark and mean world.

I still need my Dad to show what's right and what's wrong in life. I still need my Mom to give some love every time I come back home. I still need them in my life to be something so later I can proudly say, "Hey, Dad, Mom. I did it mom, dad. I'm some one now. Thanks for everything you did to me. You made it!"

Show they some love. Show them some effort from you to be someone. No one can do that,but you. I on my way to reach 20 years old. So many things to be done before I officially 20. I will make sure everything in my list will be done and successful so I can create a list of "Things to do before 21,Dude." Wish me luck.

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