You and Me - Lifehouse

For some reasons, when this song come out loudly it will be you that i will be thinking. I never sing any song to anyone just like i did to you. Well, im a little embarrassed that time.
I still can remember the way you laugh when I sing that song to you. I'm sorry i did this to you. That will be a good memories of you for me. I wish you got a better guy because it wasnt me.
I do have your phone number. I dont know why im not texting you or calling you again. It is just me and will never you.

All the best for your new year. Make something that you can be proud of. I wish you have a great and awesome year and may god bless you always in everything you do.I'm sorry for everything thah ever haen between us.
This song will be in my playlist all the time.

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