Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

This story is about a guy that meets a girl at a restaurant and fall in love with her. Tom is in love with Michelle but she doesn’t know that. Tom will come to the restaurant everyday just to meets Michelle again and again. Tom just shares his feeling towards Michelle to his friends and keeps asking about how to grab Michelle’s interest. 

Tom: Morning, sunshine. I wish today will be a better than yesterday for me.
Lily: Hey, Tom. How are you? What are you doing here? At 8 A.M?
Tom: Hey, Lily. I’m fine. I woke up early today. So, I guess it will be a better start for me.  I just arrived here. Maybe grab something for my breakfast. Wanna join me?
Lily: Sure. In fact, I’m waiting for Linda. We wanna go to the library to give back this book.
Tom: Ouh, okay. Waiter! I want to make some order!

While Tom and Lily enjoying their breakfast, a girl come into the restaurant.

Tom: Hey, Lily… I think I woke up early today for a very good reason. Hahaha.
Lily: What do you mean by that?
Tom: Slowly turn your head to 3 o’clock…
Lily: Where?! Where?!
Tom: Hey, I said slowly. There is a girl reading a book. There…
Lily: Ouh, yeah… So, what’s wrong?
Tom: She is interesting. She has a “X” Factor. Hahaha
Lily: Ouh, Tom… You like her? Hahaha
Tom: I don’t know. I don’t even know her but I saw her before here.
Lily: So, are just want to sit here and watch her? That’s all? Go and talk to her.
Tom: Talk to her? I don’t know. You know right, that I’m a shy person.
Lily: You better be fast young man. It’s okay to try, right?
Tom: Okay. You wait here, okay? I’ll go to her now. Wish me luck!
Lily: I’ll always behind you, Tom. Go, go, go…

Tom walks to that girl and to her.  

Tom: Nice to meet you. Hello.
Michelle: Nice to meet you too.
Tom: May I sit here?
Michelle: urm… yes, for sure.
Tom: By the way, I’m Tom, and you?
Michelle: Ouh… I’m Michelle.
Tom: I’ve seen you here every morning. Reading books here.
Michelle: Ouh... yes. Actually, I’m a writer. I write novels. I will come here everyday to eat my breakfast and write my novel here.
Tom: Ouh… really? That’s interesting. For your information, I’m a musician. My studio is just a couple blocks from here.
Michelle: Wow… that’s also interesting. 
Tom: Actually, what type of novel do you write?
Michelle: Well, most of them are about love and friendship. It’s all based on my friend’s experience.
Tom: Ouh… okay. I wish I can read your novel.
Michelle: You can find it at Linda’s Bookstore. It’s just over there. I send all my novels there for sale.
Tom: Linda’s Bookstore? Okay… I’ll check it later.
Michelle: I’m sorry, Tom. I have to go now. I got an appointment with someone.
Tom: Ouh… okay. Nice talk with you. I hope we can have a coffee together some day.
Michelle: Nice talk with you too. I will be here everyday. You can find me here. Okay. See you later.
Tom: Okay. Take care, okay.

Tom goes back to Lily. Linda already arrived. He shares everything with Lily and Linda.

Tom: Lily… She’s a novelist. That is so awesome.
Linda: Hey… what are you talking about? Who are you talking about?
Lily: Linda, Tom is in love. Hahaha. He falls in love with a girl that sat there just now.
Tom: Linda, she said that she send her novels to your bookstore. Do you know anyone named Michelle?
Linda: Michelle? Ouh… Yes. She sends her novels to my bookstore. Is she that you talk about just now? Tom… you got nice taste. Hahaha.
Tom: You know her, Linda? Can you introduce her to me?
Linda: Okay. I’ll introduce her to you. But you owe me a meal, okay?
Tom: I love you, Linda! By the way, can you give a copy of her novel?
Linda: Okay. I’ll send it to you later, okay? I must go to the library now. Let’s go, Lily.
Lily: Okay. Let me finish my drink first. Okay. See you later, Tom.
Tom: Okay, girls. Take care, okay?  Bye
Lily and Linda: Okay. Bye.

The next day, Tom said that he will meet Lily at the coffee shop again to take their breakfast. When he enters the coffee shop, Lily and Linda are already at the coffee shop sitting at the table with Michelle. Tom becomes excited and nervous at the same time.

Tom: Oh my God! Lily! What are they trying to do?! Those girls will make everything goes wrong.
He immediately picks up his phone and calls Lily.
Tom: Lily… Lily! What are you trying to do? Come out from there now! I wanna talk with you! Now!
Lily: Hello, Tom. Relax okay. I just wanna make this secret relationship to the next level. I just trying to help you, okay? Hahaha.
Linda immediately grabs the phone from Lily and said,
Linda: Tom, come here now! We are waiting for you just now.
Then she quickly hangs up the phone.  Tom walks slowly to the table with a simple smile on his face and grab a chair to sit with them.
Tom: Hi, girls! Hello, Michelle. How are you? By the way, Michelle… you are looking great today.
Lily and Linda: Oooo… Is that only for Michelle? How about us? Okay… okay…
Tom: Hey! You guys also. Hahaha.
Lily: By the way, Tom… Linda and I have to go now. Can you accompany Michelle? We have something to do at Linda’s Bookstore. Will you?
Tom: huh? Okay… Make sure to come back here, okay? I will wait for you, Lily.
Lily: Okay… Take care.
Tom: See you.

Lily and Linda leave Tom alone with Michelle at the table. Tom tries to start the conversation.

Tom: By the way, Michelle… Last time I met you, we just having a short conversation right? So, can we start from the beginning again?
Michelle: Mmm… Tom… I’m sorry. I have to go now. Somebody is waiting for me at home. Maybe we can chat next time. I’m really sorry.
Tom: Its okay, Michelle. You want me to accompany you home?
Michelle: It’s okay… I can go back home alone. Thanks. See you later. Take care.
Tom: Ouh… okay. Take care, Michelle. See you later.

After that awkward moment, Michelle never comes to the coffee shop again. It’s almost a week since the last time Tom meets Michelle. Lily and Linda also wondering what happens to Michelle. Tom and Lily are having their breakfast at the coffee shop that morning.

Tom: Lily, have you seen Michelle these few days? I’m not seeing her at this coffee shop about one week. I’m wondering what happens to her.
Lily: Yeah, Tom. I also wonder why she is not coming to the coffee shop. Maybe Linda knows something about this.

Suddenly, Lily’s phone is ringing. It’s Linda that calls Lily.

Linda: Lily, is Tom with you now? (Speaks fastly)
Lily: Hey, Linda. Relax. Yeah, Tom is with me. What’s wrong?
Linda: Can you come to Victoria’s Hospital now! Michelle was involved in an accident. Come faster.
Lily: What??! Oh my God! Okay, I’m on my way.

Lily grabs Tom’s hand and goes to her car and drive to the hospital. Tom is confused about what was happening. Tom keep asking Lily what is happening actually. But, Lily ignored Tom and drives to the hospital as fast as she can. When she arrived to the hospital, she saw Linda waiting for them. Lily parked her car and run to Linda.

Lily: Linda! Where is Michelle?
Tom: Michelle? What’s wrong? What happened to Michelle? Somebody answer me!
Linda: Michelle involved in an accident. Now she is in the Operation Room.
Tom: What?! (Slowly sitting on the floor and cry)
Lily: Tom! Hey… relax okay, Tom. Everything is going to be fine. Pray for her, okay?

Operation Room’s door is slowly open and the nurses are pushing someone on the trolley. It’s Michelle. Tom, Lily and Linda running to the body and check the body. It is Michelle. Tom runs to the wall and hit the wall.

Tom: No! Why God? I don’t have the chance to tell her how I feel to her? Why God?? Why you test me like this? I love her, God. I really love her! I do!
Michelle: Tom… is it true? You love me?
Tom: Michelle! I thought you are dead.
Michelle: That is my twin, Amy.  Doctor can’t save her.
Tom: Ouh… I’m sorry to hear that. Are you okay, Michelle?
Michelle: I’m okay. Just headache and some scratch. It was Amy that drives the car.
Tom: Hey, you need to rest. Let’s go, let me bring you to the chair.
Michelle: It’s okay. I’m fine. Hey, Tom… You love me? Why you don’t say it before?
Tom: Urm… about that… I’m sorry. I don’t how to say it.
Lily and Linda come to Michelle and say to her,
Lily: Michelle, I’m sorry to hear about your twin.
Linda: Yes, Michelle. Thanks God that you are fine.
Michelle: Thanks, girls. I don’t know how to say thanks to you all.
Linda: Its okay, Michelle.
Michelle: Hey, is it true that Tom loves me?
Lily: Oh my! Tom, did you confessed to her?
Tom: No….
Michelle: I heard she said that just now.
Tom: Yes, Michelle. I love you. I love you since the first time I saw you at the coffee shop. I love you since that moment.
Michelle: Really?
Tom: Yes, Michelle. Since that moment.
Michelle: Actually, I love you too, Tom… Since the first time I saw you at the coffee shop.

Tom and Michelle are together since that. Thanks to Lily and Linda, Tom and Michelle is now a sweet couple. Now, they are working on a special project. Tom is making a new record and Michelle as the lyric writer. From a stranger that meets at the coffee shop, now there are lovers. Everything happens in the coffee shop.

Cubaan pertama.
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