Will I Be Your Last One And You Be My First Ever

Hey, you. Yes you. Come here.. Today I want to share a story about a boy, ordinary who falling to a girl, ordinary but something to him. Nothing much can I say about this love story because that boy is very secretive and not sharing too much with his friends unless the special one. But, he had told me about the girl that he had been watched so long.

This boy is a very shy boy. He don't know the way to say what he feel to this girl, what he want to say to this girl privately, and he just let everything in his heart all this time. He just watched that girl happy with the man who is braver than him to say exactly what he feel to this girl. So, he just be happy for this girl and pray to God for this girl to be happy and smile always.

Time goes by, this boy have become a man. A new person that is not always stand behind his own shadow. A new person that is brave enough to shout out loud what he feel and what he want to say. He swear that he'll never make this girl sad again and will make she smile again forever. He grab her hand, and slowly whispering to her ears and ask, " Will I be your last guy and you be my first girl?". He never told me the ending, and I wondering what is the ending for this interesting story.


Anonymous said...

"Speak it out. As the time pass by, you will be regret later."

Tell this to that particular boy. Don't be like the boy in this story.

Because of letting his heart all this time, it ends up this way. Okayy? :)

Ariff Masrom said...