I Can't Find The Suitable Title For This One

Wise man said, "Never judge the book by its cover". Well, somehow it is true. We can't judge something just by barely looking at it for a second. We don't know what it is actually, what the author want to tell the readers, the message. This is normal human behavior.I can say anything about that. I love to observing human behavior.

People always make a short time to look to someone and for them the first impression can make them know who is they looking at. I also facing this. People always watch me as a silent guy, doesn't know nothing and keep hiding behind my big glasses and tidy hair and don't want to talk to me. Its okay. I understand this normal human behavior.But, once you know me then you know I'm not a nerd or geek guy that your "perfect" mind said at the first time you saw me. This big glasses is for my study.

I love to make people give me a bad first impression, so when they know me later, they will be like, "Ouh, man.I thought you just a nerd boy who keep listening to ballad songs and read book all the time..". Believe me, dude. Maybe, I know many things from you. So, don't be so arrogant and your money is nothing to me.No need to say how rich are you. Maybe you have saw my silent mode, but later you will be noticed that I'm in "AriffMasrom" mode.

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