Standing Next To You Everyday Just To See The Sweetest Smile On Your Face.

Last night I heard my heart whispered something to me. My heart said, "Hey, dude. When you will say what I feel to that girl? Come on! Its not that hard, right? Just go to her and say, "I love You". Just that. I can't hold this feeling anymore...." See, even my heart want me to say it. But, uhm... Its not that easy actually. How to say it if the risk is so high. I maybe lost one of my friend.

Maybe we better stick as a friend. I still remember the first time I saw her. Her smile, Gosh! I felt something melting inside my body. Her eyes so beautiful, it makes me stand like a statue watching her. What a memories. I got bad habit. I love to rating every girl walking in front of my eyes. Such a jerk, huh? What? I've told you it is a BAD habit.

But, I can't rate you. You will be the perfect 10 in my eyes. No reasons, just a perfect 10 I can give to you. But, then I realize. Nobody perfect lah, Ariff. Face it. Well, she is also a "someone's". So, I believe in karma. I don't want to mess with someone's girl because I don't want someone messing with my girl. When I got mine. I don't know when I can make someone as an actress in my blog. A special actress. God, you hear me right? Send my sweet valentine quickly please?? =)

P.s : I'm smell like chocolate again.Yeah.

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