Just Raise Your Hand And Talk To Him, He Always Be Beside You.

Today I read something interesting that make me keep thinking about it all day. About a girl that can accept that her love one dead and leave her. Death. Everyone afraid of it. It will come someday to you. It can take everyone. Your love one, your family, your friends, anyone. So, as a Muslim we can't crying about God's fate. Death is God's fate. We must face it and don't keep crying about it. It will hurt our love one. We don't want make them suffer, right?

We must be strong to face it. We need our friends to make us feel better. In this moment, friends and family are the only person we must find and share everything. But, first thing to remember. Never ever forget your God. He is always beside you when ever you happy, sad, confuse, anytime. Just raise your hand and talk to Him.

Ask him anything. Ask him to make you strong so you can face this test He gave to you.
God will never test you if you can't make it. You must be strong. He know what the best for you, and remember that everything happens with a good reason. I pray for your happiness and remember that God hear your pray.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, HE was, and HE is. Kan? :)