I'm pretty sure that I'm unique but not freak.

Again. There are some peoples that saw me like I'm a freak that walking beside them without any guardian beside me. Okay. Whats wrong with you guys. Hey, is it anything wrong if I just be in my own world without disturbing you guys in your fake world? No, right?? Just let me like this. Please, its not that hard.

I don't understand about people these days. They keep running towards fake popularity and famous life. Today, everyone think when you got a lot of money, you can buy anything, do anything because you think you got power when you got a lot of money.But hey, shut the f up! You got money, but where the hell is your manners? Are you born without parents? They can't teach you to RESPECT everyone? What a shame.

Sorry about my words. Please, be a good person. For your self, your family, your religion, for God. I wish everyone in this world have manners and I sure there are no more people cursing everywhere. Please, God. Show them that the world need peace so we all can live happily together as a family. I know you hear me. =)

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