So Lets Make Another Song About The Weekend

Life. Life is incredible. It can't be say by words how awesome it is. God made it so perfect but people always make it worse and worse. Never be grateful about everything that God has gave to them. Well, its normal. It a normal human behavior that maybe we are also like that but maybe we don't notice that.

Hey, have you watch Youtube every time you turn on your laptop? I am. I love to watch music video. Many kind of music videos. Any genre, doesn't matter to me. I just love to observe others point of view to something. Have you ever feel that the music videos you watched some how similar like your experience...? Awesome right. With a perfect song, explaining the situation and make the situation really real like you can feel the singer's emotion who singing that song.

I got some favourite music videos in my laptop. But, my laptop was stolen by someone so I lost all my favourite music videos and live performance. Now, I collect music videos again so I can watch it when I felt bored or when I want to write new song. It is really works for me. One of my favourite right now is Jar Of Heart by Christina Perri. It is very emotional and abstract. So, yeah. And before I forgot, ehem2... you make I feel like butterflies are flying in my stomach again. And I think I like you. *wink2* =)

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