We Know What We Want In This Life

You know exactly what you want in your life? What exactly the perfect things to make your life perfect? Everyone got their own 'perfect pills' to make their life perfect. I also got my 'perfect pills'. It is my family, and then come my music life and the last one thats what I still keep searching, romantically feeling.

When you got your family besides you every time, there is no other thing in this world can make it better. They will always be with you, up and down, happy and sad. That what family is. I'm happy I still got my family every time I need them. Thanks mom, dad, sis, and lil' bro. Music. Its very important to me. Every where I go, my brain always make a perfect soundtrack for that situation. My brain will play the song and it keep singing in my head. Its so awesome. Well, nothing is impossible for my brain.ha ha ha.

About the romantically feeling... I still can't find the perfect one even though nobody perfect but I know there is someone out there perfect for me. Can thinking like me, see something like me, listening to the music like me, talk like me, but she doesn't need to be exactly like me. Its perfect if she really understand this psycho man here. So, future wife, be prepared mentally to be my wife because you will married a young psycho guy.

P.s : Final exam next week. Wish me all the best. Hoyya!

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