Day 3: My views on drugs and alcohol.

Hey, its day 3 already.hahaha.So, today it all about my views about drugs and alcohol. Okay. For me, those things are something that is not good for our health. In fact, my religion taught me that drugs and alcohol are HARAM!!!!

Drugs can make give you some extra energy but if you take it overdose, well... you are in trouble, braah. Well, I also drug user. Technically, in coffee there is also drug which is called psychoactive drugs. Well, I'm sure that it makes me caffeine addict. I need coffee everyday and if I don't drink coffee in a day, I will suffering some headache. This make drugs so bad. Haih..

Alcohol... I will never touch it. *Thank you, Allah* I think that my father had taught me well in Islam, alcohol is haram and always be. It make you drunk and can't think rationally and do something under your control, and don't even remember you did that. OK. 

Hahaha. Okay. My explanation sucks, but the main point is never, ever try to take drugs and alcohol into your body.Never let it be in you. Its for yourself too. You can choose, live like a normal person and have better life or be under the drugs and alcohol. You choose. Cheerio.

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