All life is an experiment and the more experiments you make the better.

Knowledge are the most important thing if you want to keep surviving in this world. You know what I mean.

What you can do if you don't have the knowledge to do anything right? Study is not that hard if you can do everything right and the most important thing is never be a lazy person.Totally. I wish I can be a famous architect in the world. One of them that can design a famous building and say, "Hey, I designed that building". Yeah, all just a dream and remain a dream forever.

It will never be a reality because guess what, I'm not born to be an architect. I was born to be my self. When I was 7, I want to be police man,Inspector. When I was 12, I want to be a lawyer. Wearing black coat and help the right man get the justice. But, when I was 20, I just want to be my self. Be what I'm good at.

Never be something which is not you at the first place. Why you want to be a policeman, inspector if you keep against the rule. Why you want to become a lawyer if you can't even defensing yourself. Why you want to become an architect if you pretty sure that you can't draw and designing.

Study is very important. But make sure what you're studying is the right one, the perfect one for you. Never make a wrong choice like what I did. I waste your time, but for me its no wasting my time. It teach me how to be a man.It teach me how the life is. Life is unpredictable. Anything happens, life must go on. Importantly, you must find a reason to keep smiling so all your problem will be solve perfectly and make you feel better and better.

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