I Choose My Way

I shocked today. Expression of a mother to me as well as the tears fell down make me also felt her sadness. What is wrong if the mother advised his own children, right? Where is your intelligent while the words spoken from the mouths of mothers fed as a child? In your eyes, your brothers and sisters in themore-preferred? That's what you see?

Hey, sorry if my speech a little rough this time. Your brother has never had a room if you do not see. Every night brings a mattress into the living room for 3 years after living in the hostel since high school. Iexaggerated? Ah ... the heart is jolted. No room, no clothes racks,but you have room, have their own space to do anything you want.Hey, I was studying in mom's room if you don't know. It was said to be exaggerated?

Love? Maybe in your eyes I'm always happy, but remember that your words? You do not you know your brother? Yes, now I agree with the words. . Your brother is laughing even when I'm sad. Alone thinking about everything. None of people in the house understand my heart. No need to worry. The end of my studies later on, I'll go look for the fate of my travels. No need to be worry. You will have the full attention from the family. Do not worry. I'm only here temporarily. Please be patient and waiting for the next 2 years.

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