Go and hide real well so I can find you patiently.

Keep me a secret please... Why I can't forget about her? Am I still love her deep in my heart? Give me an answer please.

It take time for me to forget about you. Such a long time until I get a surprise message from you when I was in my class. Your text had make me smiled for the rest of my time in that class. All sweet memories about you come across my life like a box-office premier show.

God, why its so hard to forget her? I can't love her. She is someone's girl and don't want to be the guy that still hooked on this girl until now. I think I should move on and God, please help me through this hard time.

Find me a girl. Show me a girl. Make her walk beside me. But, hey I'm not that desperate.hahaha.Just wanna meet a boy. Make a story about a boy meet girl. You know what I'm saying. I'm not gonna be romantic to my guitar all the time.hahaha. Well, I know that time will come.

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