I Got A Lot of Roses Under My Bed For You But I Keep It There

I'm glad that I'm not a smoker like you guys. Call me whatever you want, but 'no thanks' is my final answer for you sweet invitation to easy way to die.

For almost two weeks, I've been in a nightmare. My sleep was no as sweet as before. Coughing like hell have make me awake all night long. Last thing I want to be happen to me is having a coughing season. Oh, God! why me? why in this time?

Seriously, doing a test, an exam while coughing really annoying. Even it makes me sweating and can't give 100% concentration. Searching for the cure everyday. 2 clinic so far but never makes me stop coughing.Please,please,please God? Cure my from this coughing season.Please....

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