What the meaning of happy if you can't smile

Call me shy. Call me arrogant. But you don't know what actually in my head. I love to observe people, observe my nature. It makes me thinking about everything. Its makes me observing people's behavior. How they talk, how they walk, how they eat, everything they do I will make an observation.

You know, it's funny to see people doing silly thing in front of your eyes and they don't realize it. And I just shaking my head and laughing to them. Its will make me happy. Yes, I'm different. My mom said that I not like a normal baby or kid when I was 3 or 4 years old.

Kids at 3 or 4 years old will be very aggressive and love to playing and jumping everywhere. But, my mom said that I'm different. My mom bought me a set of Lego and I will play it from the first second I open my eyes until they close again. I love to think since I'm a kid. Awesome, huh?

Now, I still love to observing and I make it interesting. Now, I try to learn people's personality just by looking at them. Hey, that will give me a lot of benefit to life in this mean world after I finish my studies.

I will sit at everywhere I want and I will start observing. Beware, maybe you are one of them.

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