Good For A Change And Probably Its Because Of You

What is love actually if I asking that to you? Is it all about how me like some one, or how they treat you and then you love each other.

Love for me it is very universal.Love can't be explain by words only. Its depend on the person to know if that is love or not. I don't know to show my love to someone. I'm very stupid or noob about love. What can I say that when I love her, I will always think about her 24/7, miss her 24/7, talk about her with everyone 24/7, and everything is about her for 24/7.

I don't know how to speak loudly, 'I Love You'. I can only show my love to her, by doing everything I can just to see her smiling, laughing, happy when she with me. If I can't do that, I will feel really down and try to find where is the turning to make it right back just to see she smile for me again.

Love, when can I found this love. Who knows, better than Him.

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