my favourite song
- Karma by Faizal Tahir

my favourite movie
- Forrest Gump

my favourite show
- How I Met Your Mother.

my favourite book
- Not really have a favourite book. -__-"

my favourite quote
- "Its gonna be legend...wait for it...dary.LEGENDARY!"

my favourite food
- Mom's cook. Nom nom nom.

my favourite beverage
- Nescafe.

a photo i took

a photo of me

 what i wore today
- Black shirt.

what i did today
- Its still early to talk about that.

what i ate today
- Same as above.

what is in my bag
- Pencil box and my books.

a bad habit
- Talking to myself.

a wish
- A better world.

a hobby
- Plays music

a blog
- "Teh Tarik Gelas Besar"

a dream i had recently
- can't recall. -_-

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