-I changed three college in one year.Cool huh?? NAAAAAAAA!!!!!
-Once an architecture student and now im an accounting student.Awesome!
-For God Sake, I want a brand new acoustic guitar.Pfft!
-Facing a brand new life right now.
-I'm officially falling in love with you.Yes,with you.
-I do love Elmo.
-Calculator is important to me right now.
-I think my small brother got a girlfriend.God,when is my time??
-Nokia 5800 please,dad???
-Regretting something I done.
-Make my mom cried.Damn!
-Make my mom smiled.Oh yeah!
-Movie every week now.Damn!
-'How I Met Your Mother' addict now.
-I want Daft Punk Helmet!
-I love dimples.
-Got a brand new shoe.Metric.Better than nothing,aite?
-Google is my #1 searching engine.I guess.
-Addict to Cityville.Thanks,sister! Pfft!
-Too many good movies I must watch.
-I listen to alot type of song.
-Increasing my friend.
-I miss kuantan.Arkiputra and Polo17.
-Lost my laptop.
-Got a brand new one.
-Blogging sometimes.
-Thinking bout you lke 24/7.
-Malaysia in suzuki final.Awesome!

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