King of Anything.

Recently my life was going so good. I'm glad to be me. Well, maybe I'm not as lucky as you but who care, I'm ariff masrom and I'm awesome in my own way.hahaha.My studies are working perfectly now. No problem so far in my studies. There is a 'feeling' when I playing with these numbers.hahaha. It is so awesome. Why I dont choose this path before, otherwise maybe my name will be in Dean's List too lke all my friend. Like one of my friend, for god sake, 3.95??!! Who the hell are you? An alien? hahaha. Well, I will be just like him one day.

Enjoying my 'accounting' life. I got many time too relax now. Not like when I'm studying architorture.hahaha. No life dude. Who the hell can stand it and for sure not this man, Miss!hahaha. Now i got time to write some new songs, making new songs and in the same time I can finish up all my tutorial and study for my upcoming class, quiz and test. Awesome, aite?? Just like me. hahaha.

Living here alone in this room kinda awesome you know. No annoying people around me. It just perfect for me. Plus I got my new lappy with awesome software.hahaha.I got virtual DJ software.It just cool lah.hahaha.I can remixing songs. DJ B.o.B in the house.hahaha.It awesome,aite?. As usual,just like me.. Well, thats all for now. I'll keep updating my new life here. See you next time. Stay tuned because coming up next is something big.

P.s:yes,i think i officially falling in love with you.hahaha. =)


mellyana sara said...

hhahaha! is it acrhitorture ya? wink! sound 'nice' lol~ hahaha!! whatever it is...gud luck for ur new life. :) enjoy this moment k.

Ariff Masrom said...

thanks... =)