Run away is not a solution but another kind of poison

Why are you keep running from your problems? Why don't you just facing all your problems and be strong to go through them like they are nothing to you? Why must you feels depressed and looking down all day long?

Cheer up. Facing all your problems. Don't be a coward and keep running from your problems. Don't you ever do that. That what a coward do to keep alive. Running and running and keep running until they tired. You must learn from your mistakes. Don't make it an excuse to keep running from your problem.

This is life. Full of mistakes. Everyone made a mistakes. But, God made your life perfect. He also gave you a life full of happiness. But, He want you to find it yourself. Build your happiness and be a nice person. Don't just keep close your eyes, don't want see the world because all your mistakes you have done. For one time, open your eyes and look at the sky and say, "I'm grateful I still breathing in your world, God. I know You love me. Thank you."

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