Human, feelings of pride and arrogance is never less. Always want to be the winner. Always want to have everything and only they have it. What's wrong if other have something that you don't? Jealous? Pfft. Not relevant. Shut the "f" up! You will never learn the jealousy if you know how to be grateful.

Remember this. An advice from a young boy for you that already be a mature person and have everything. I believe in karma. Please remember that Allah hear my prayers and watch every moves you take, ok. It's okay if you want to do this to our family, but remember what goes around come around. If all this not happen to you back, will be to your children. Allah is the Most hearing.

Keep doing all this stupid thing that come to your mind. You will just be tired and we gonna continue laughing and smiling right in front of your face. Be jealous, lady. You married with someone with royal blood? It's still red colour. You are still a servant of Allah. Never be arrogance. No difference between us, only one. Our heart and our believe. Believe Allah and satan will never whisper bad things to our ear. I pray for your happiness and may Allah give you a better life and a better heart. InsyaAllah.

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