Day 4: Views on Religion

There are many religions in this world but for me there is only one that is the true religion which is my religion, Islam. For me, Islam is the easiest way of living. You can be a good person, and be a healthy person too. There are too many things that I can share here.

But for me, there first thing for you to know as a Muslim is you must believe Allah is the only god in this world. Muhammad S.A.W is His Prophet. Islam is simple. We just follow what His says and everything will be good for you. I see nowadays too many peoples that is Muslim on their IC but act like they are not even a Muslim. Sometimes I feels sad because they don't feel grateful because they are Muslim.

Drink and drunk, take drugs, sex and many more. I'm not the very good person but at least I'm not did all of this. For me, all I can do just pray for them and hope they will change all follow what Allah says. So, for me Islam is simple. Thank you, Allah. For wrote my story as a Muslim. =)

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