Day 17: Your highs and lows this past year

Okay. Interesting topic. Highs and lows this past year. How to start... Okay.. In 2010, only in 2010.. I was a student for 3 colleges. That's suck actually. I felt very sad because who will be in 3 colleges in 1 year, aite? Yeah... that was me. Very very bad time I've to facing. But, at the end of the day... I get more friends from all over Malaysia. I learn new thing everytime. From Lagenda, Shahputra and Kliuc. Yeah.. 3 of them. But now, I continue my degree at UTAR. Bachelor in Journalism. I hope this is the last one.hahaha.Okay...thats all.

P.S: Gosh, this is a very bad topic. -___-

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